Ordering Essentials

Pick-Up vs. Direct Ship

We offer a pick-up option to all customers. When ordering, you can specify whether you would like your order shipped or if you would like to pick it up yourself. Once your order is pulled, our office staff will call and set up a pick-up time with you.

Tag Information

Tags are drop shipped directly from MasterTag to your location a week prior to your plants arrival. Gro ‘n Sell offers custom tags for vegetables, herbs, and anemones. These tags are shipped from Gro ‘n Sell with your plants. NOTE: Tags are automatically added to your order. If you do not require tags, this needs to be stated at the time the order is placed.

Tags Available

All prices for tags include shipping. In some cases, request for no tags must be made at the time of ordering. Refer to individual elements for more information.

Mult-Ables™: tag availability is dependent on breeder, please refer to catalog for specific information.

Pot-Ables™: tags may be available depending on variety. Please check “tag” column in Pot-Ables™ section of the catalog for availability and price.

Big Burly 32’s: custom designed tags are $0.14 per tag ($4.48 per flat).

Big Burly 72’s (sold as a 70): custom designed tags are $0.14 per tag ($9.80 per flat).

Bloomin Plugs: please check “tag” column in Bloomin PlugsⓇ section of the catalog for availability and price.

Ed-Ables 51’s (sold as 50): custom designed tags are $0.12 per tag ($6.00 per strip).

Order Lead Time

We suggest that you order early to ensure you can get the quantity and varieties you need! Vernalized Big Burly 32’s & Junior 72’s: for spec orders, a lead time of 2 weeks during their shipping season is required. Summer Big Burly 32’s & Junior 72’s: lead times vary, please refer to our catalog. These items are custom grown. Bloomin Plugs 128’s: lead times vary from 5-11 weeks. Anemones are 15 weeks. Bloomin Plugs 216’s, 288’s & 384’s: lead times vary from 5-10 weeks. Some Lisianthus are 12 weeks. Bloomin Plugs 51’s: lead times vary from 6-9 weeks. Ed-Ables 51’s: lead times vary from 5-10 weeks. Please note: lead time for new, tissue culture, citratus lemon grass is 20 weeks.

Shipping Large Orders

If you have a larger than usual order we will make special accommodations to get your product to you as economically as possible. Master Carton: These boxes can hold 32 full trays, 48 full trays, or 64 strips of annuals depending on the plug size. Pallet Shipping: Pallet shipping is available for 30 or more flats of perennials. Call our office for details. Grower trucks are used when possible. You may be eligible for trucking depending on your order, location, and delivery schedule.


Cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to seeding or ordering of cuttings. After seeding or ordering of cuttings, customer/distributor must assume 100% of the price. Refusal of the shipment does not constitute a release from purchase.


FOB Chalfont, PA. All orders are shipped FedEx (ground or freight) or UPS ground, unless otherwise specified. Please indicate your preference if you have one. All shipping costs are added to the invoice, passing our volume discount on to our customers. If your delivery address is different from the billing address, the correct street address and phone number are required. Due to the seasonality of our business, we sometimes choose not to ship when temperatures are too cold or severe weather is expected.

Shipping Claims

Any risk associated with the shipment of live plants is the customer’s responsibility. We accept no liability for damage or delays after delivery to the carrier, but we will assist customers in securing necessary adjustments if the following steps are taken:

  1. Do Not Refuse the shipment.
  2. Inspect the shipment the shipment in the carrier’s presence. Note all damages on the shipping papers, and have the carrier’s agent sign the papers.
  3. Take a photograph of the damages, including the packaging. Photos can be emailed to: claims@gro-n-sell.com.
  4. Save cartons, packing material and product. Note color of packing sticker on paperwork.
  5. Notify your broker or our office within 48 hours of delivery.

Product Claims

  1. Report plant claims for shortages and quality to your broker or our office within 48 hours of delivery.
  2. Take pictures of the product and email photo to: claims@gro-n-sell.com. We must have pictures in order to process a claim.
  3. Claims for vernalized product require pictures of the root system.
  4. All claims are reviewed by our growers before approval. Our growers review the pictures and information that is sent with the claim and if necessary they will call the customer with questions regarding the product.

If claims are sent within 48 hours, we may have a replacement product that can be sent out the same week. We reserve the right to replace the product and that can only be done if we are notified immediately.

Freight Map

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